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"Out Of The Gardens Of Angels Above, God Picked Our Loved Ones To Share His Love."

Welcome to the website of the Thomas Family of Virginia. We are the descendants of William Abraham Thomas (b. 1864) and Belden “Belle” Boyd (b. 1869) of Mecklenburg, Virginia who were married in 1890. William's oldest son was Isaac. William and Belle had six children: Jimmie, Elizabeth, Mollie, Joseph Elmore, Clarence and Lelia. From their offspring and through successive generations we have grown to include hundreds of family members living throughout the United States.

Every two years we join together in a family reunion in Virginia. The August 13, 2016 reunion was held again in South Hill, Virginia. The next reunion will likely be held the second Saturday of August in 2018. We hope that family members will let the Reunion Committee know their plans to attend in early 2018. Committee names are located under Contacts. Further, we hope that even if family members are unable to attend they will keep us updated on their latest address information and assist us in making this website an ongoing repository for our family history as well as the history of the many branches of our extended family through marriages and unions.

We encourage and look forward to our family members submitting new material, family narratives, ongoing historical updates, photos and news and events of interest to the family. So much that is both exciting and sorrowful can happen between the reunions that take place every two years and certainly the hours we spend together on this single August Saturday cannot provide us with all the catching up we would like to do so please keep the committe and this site updated with your family’s information. The Reunion Committee will post the latest Family Tree updates you’ve submitted here on the website so check back occasionally to insure accuracy before the Family Booklet is published.

Additionally, we would welcome information on those happenings on the “other” side of your family. Perhaps, you have other reunions you will be attending for which we can post information and certainly the family would find it fascinating and informative to look at other branches of other Trees. The value of doing much of this online is the ability to take complicated branches of many sides of our families and post them as links within our website or as links to other sites.

Send your photos especially any older photos you have of a historical nature. We can post them as links to a particular family member or in our Photos section.

See the Photos menu for photographs of the 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2010 reunions.




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