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Biography Roots: William / Bettie / Belle

Elizabeth Thomas Valentine Branch

Isaac Thomas Branch

Mollie Thomas Johnson Branch

Clarence Thomas Branch

Joseph Elmore Thomas Branch

Lelia Thomas Burchette Branch

Jimmie Thomas

Thomas Family "Good News" Updates

Thomas Family Reunion Booklet 2022 - Complete Edition


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Additions or Corrections – Please submit to be posted on this website and in our family Reunion Booklet. Examples include:  Marriages, Births, Deaths, Name spellings, etc.

“GOOD NEWS” UPDATES:                                   
Share your family joys with us – whatever made you proud, large or small.  Examples might include: Engagements, marriages, anniversaries, births, graduations, sports, art, music, awards, church recognitions, military service,  job changes, promotions, etc.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS:                                   
If you would like your name included on a Monthly Birthday Board, please submit your Name, Month, and Day Only. (DO NOT submit your YEAR of birth).

Isaac, Elizabeth, Mollie, Elmore, Clarence, Lelia or Jimmie

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